Birth Certificate, Social Security Card and DEERS Enrollment

Birth Certificate, Social Security Card and DEERS Enrollment for your Newborn

I often get this question, but sometimes its hard to answer the question that covers all the hospital (WhidbeyHealth, Naval Hospital Oak Harbor, Island Hospital and Skagit Valley Hospital). Hopefully this will help!

Birth Certificates:

Birth certificates can be obtained from Skagit County Health Department at the County Courthouse or in Coupeville (360-679-7351), or you can mail in the provided form with the current fee ($20-$25). Please allow four (4) weeks from the time of your discharge. (The information must be compiled, and then sent to Olympia where it is filed).


Social Security Card:

Depending on where you are giving birth, usually the medical records department will apply for the social security number for your baby after discharge. Please make sure that your address is current at registration.


DEERS Enrollment:

If you’re military affiliated, this is your first step to getting your baby covered by TRICARE. Although your baby is covered under their sponsors TRICARE Prime plan for the first 60 days, this is a good way to establish eligibility. After the initial 60 days, ay claim submitted for the newborn will process as TRICARE STANDARD until the infant is enrolled in DEERS and TRICARE PRIME, or the infant TRICARE STANDARD eligibility ends. Eligibility for TRICARE standard benefits ends 365 days after birth for any newborn who is not enrolled in DEERS

What do you need:

·        Sponsor or spouse with Power of Attorney (POA)

·        Hospital Proof of Birth

·        Baby’s Social Security Card (will arrive in 4-6 weeks)

To make an appointment via RAPIDS:


PSD Whidbey DEERS/RAPIDS       360-257-1390/6770         M-F 0730-1600

Seaplane Base DEERS/RAPIDS      360-257-6070                    M-F 0900-1730S 0830-1700 (No Appointments)