My Baby Registry List

This topic one of the popular one that I see in about every blog I followed while I was pregnant but it got me thinking, maybe  should post my no frills baby registry (ones I actually have on my amazon list.

1. Healthcare and Grooming Kit

I honestly love kits, I have first aid kits, sewing kits. So what's another kid right? This thing turned out to be one of the most useful thing for us!

2. G - Diapers Newborn Bundle

I wasn't really sure which route I was going to go, so I decided to buy this one, I have an option for the disposable inserts and I also have the option to have the cloth inserts. Turns out that we love G diapers that we bought the L size so it goes hand in hand with our disposable and cloth diapering stash.

3. Towels and Baby Washcloths

I think we have about 4 towels and like 10 washcloths.

4. Puj Tub

I really wanted something similar to the Puj tub but much squishier and prettier (I'll post a link after the Puj Tub Link, its called blooming bath), but the Puj Tub won because I was looking at practicality after unfolding the tub its similar to a foam board so no bulkiness.

5. Ring Sling or any Babywearing Item

I firmly believed that I was able to do the things that I need because I was babywearing about 95% of the time. I was able to go on walks, attend coffee dates and  well just about anything, its also convenient that its near the food supply. Check with your local babywearing branch for a carrier that would fit your lifestyle


6. Stroller

I don't have a preference, we bought a standard stroller, but we babywear almost everywhere that it didn't get used until squish was 22 months. We have a jogging stroller that's really just meant for either going for a jog or an all terrain type of a walk. 

I think that was it, aside from the main furniture items (crib, changing table and dresser) and transportation basics like carseats. We narrowed down our needs to align with our family philosophy, and if we had a questionable one (such as the cloth diapering part) we just tried to buy something like the hybrid for example.

Hope my short list helps!