Why do I need a doula if I am having a scheduled cesarean section?

This has been a common question lately.

Most of my clients have deployed spouses and often times prefer to have a scheduled cesarean section, others are high risks and there are other reasons.

So what do I do as a doula to support them since they wouldn't be laboring? I can name a few:

- I can be your primary support person in the ER, I can tell you what's happening if you like or I can be there to be by your side

- If your spouse is present, I can be your secondary support person, I can either follow the baby if it needs to be in another room or I can be with you as your spouse goes with the baby

- Nights after labor, often times specially with deployed spouses, moms are alone, while the labor and delivery nurses are awesome, its nice to have some company. Someone to help you with the baby when you are still sore. Or even to keep you company as you start your breastfeeding journey

- Hangry is a real thing, specially if you had to wait for your scheduled cesarean section and they give you ice chips, I can definitely grab you some food

These are just some of the things I can help with bonus points that I can show you how to swaddle in 5 different ways!

My Breastpump Story

A few months ago, I gave birth to my daughter, Emma. I have to blog my breastfeeding journey with her another time!

I ordered my breastpump and accessories from Baby Pavilion  , I have TRICARE and while I have others to choose from, I really fell inlove with the idea of Kiinde (saving this one for another day too!).

With my first born, I went through 3 different pumps. I didn't know what I really want out of a pump. My first pump was LOUD! It was fairly distracting to pump with it, my second pump was better, I only got a second one for the car (coz the first pump didn't have a car adapter or batteries) then the third one is a hand pump I keep in my bag.

Well enter the second pregnancy, as a doula I managed to see different types of pumps from my client houses. Then there's this pump, the pump with a nightlight! Maybe that was the selling point for me along with not being loud at all!

Baby Pavilion - Spectra - Kiinde - TRICARE

I received my pump a little less than three weeks since I filled out the form! It gave me various selection for pumps but I picked Spectra S2 (saving that for another story too).

Carseat Help on Whidbey Island

As a mom, I know car seats has been the most difficult purchase for me, its always difficult for me to pick the "BEST of the BEST" car seat. Although my standards are pretty average, safety testings, does it fit my car and child, and can I afford it.

Then the next few things is, getting the car seat installed. I know tons of people who say "rear facing is the best". But our old car seat manufacturers instruction has a weight limit for rear facing and my little one is a tad over it. So the question of whether following the popular and safest route or to follow the manufacturer instruction?

While we were in Colorado for our road trip to visit hubs family, we got into a car accident. I remember all my decisions about this trip and the car seat issue (squish was forward facing). You can think that while the car was rolling over (we rolled over 3 times) that it would go by so quickly that I won't have my guilty thoughts pester me at those time. Well it did. Turns out that following the manufacturer instruction was the safe route for us. My child was not hurt but most of us in the car was not in good shape.

I think if that did anything, it just rejuvenated my desire to be a CPST, its always been at the back of my mind. We were in a car accident on September then there's a Child Passenger Safety Technician Course in my town in October, seems like the stars are aligning. 

Now, lets get to the nitty gritty of how to get help for YOUR carseat. First, did you know that if you follow my events on facebook, you will see when is the next car seat checks are and did you know that the SAFE KIDS NORTHWEST have their own facebook page?

If you do need immediate assistance here is the list of the CPST techs here in Oak Harbor, we do have a few more around the area, if you would like to do your own search for your town, just go to http://cert.safekids.org/ then click find a tech.

Q & A: What led me to Birth Work?

I am often asked what lead me to doula work, and most of the time I usually say because it feels like its the path that I've always been headed to but I've been contemplating on that question for a bit now and I think I need to answer it honestly. 

What led me to Birth Work?

I was still active duty when I found out that I was pregnant, I remember the HM2 that told my Senior Chief "does she even know the father". Well, yes I do know the father, he was standing on the P-way when you asked my Senior that question, like I was standing behind you.

That was the first strike that I felt horrible about my pregnancy, the second one will probably overhearing my peers talk about my pregnancy like it was some sort of malady. Nevermind that I wanted this pregnancy so bad, because this is a rainbow baby. Given that I am also less than a year away for my shore orders to kick in and all that jazz, supportive people would refer to this as perfect timing.

I do believe this is the onset of me feeling "down", granted I was one of the most hard working sailor the OI division will ever know ;) I am glad I left that command. 

Fast forward to leaving the Navy, and meeting the ladies of Hope Circle. I discovered and explored my emotions with a different set of eyes. For the first time in a while, I let myself "feel" both good and the bad, the ugly, the hate, then back to happiness.

Fast forward to my birth, which I often joke about as Charlie (my little one) has been a "character" since birth since he was breached and no way to turn him since I already lost most of the fluid.

Fast forward to having people that we're suppose to "help" you but in the end just given you an extra work load and unnecessary stress. Breastfeeding was an extremely stressful evolution specially when there's someone always voicing out their opinion on what you can do better or what they did was always better than what you are doing.

There. I think all of that lead me to be a birth worker, more so as a Maternal Health Advocate.