Postpartum Doula Services

A postpartum doula is there to help a new family in those first days and weeks after bringing home a new baby. Services include, but are not limited to:

•             Introduce parenting tips that will enable parents to cope with their new role

•             Create an atmosphere where mom or both parents nap, shower, spend time with older children.

•             Preparation of simple, nutritious meals and snacks.

•             Provide education and assist with newborn care to help parents become familiar with bathing, umbilical cord care, feeding, soothing, swaddling, babywearing, etc.

•             Provide non-judgmental emotional support such as listening and helping with processing the birth experience, answering questions, paying special attention to the new mother’s emotional well- being.

•             Light housework

•             Refer you to another care provider should your needs exceed my scope of practice.

•             Other duties to be discussed at contract signing

Because no two families’ postpartum needs are exactly alike, hours can vary greatly from client to client. Ultimately it is the needs of the family that will determine what type of postpartum care is needed and for how long, and we will adapt both the type and amount of services we provide to meet your unique postpartum needs.

If you aren’t sure how much postpartum care you will need, or would like a better idea of what a postpartum care plan might look like, the sample postpartum plans below are based on the real-life experiences of hundreds of families we have served over the past ten years. These care plans are not  intended to lock you in to a schedule but to give you an idea of both the type and amount of postpartum care other Portland area families have needed in order to help you decide on a postpartum care plan that will work best for you. We customize the plan for each family, however we like to get a sense of what you might need in order to find the perfect doula for your needs. One of the benefits to having such a large team is having coverage for unexpected needs that come up for families. When things don’t go as planned, we can be there to support you in a larger or more comprehensive way. Conversely, if you decide you are doing better than expected, with some advanced notice, we can taper down your support as well and offer it to another family with more needs.


Preparing for the Baby:

Help you prepare for the baby such as helping with the nursery, stuffing cloth diapers or laundering baby’s clothes, help you pack hospital bag and prepare frozen meals.

Bringing Baby Home:

Meet you at the hospital, help you with your belongings as you check out, and help you and baby get settled at home.

Day One / First Night

Baby Basics

Cesarean Birth / Difficult Delivery Recovery

Overnights: 6pm to 6am

Babywearing Consultation (using your carrier)

Babywearing Consultation (with sling library)